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Craft the Right Story - and tell it Right.

Combine Data and Empathy
to shift mindsets.

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We know that our clients need to ensure they’ve crafted the right story and then share it correctly.

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Companies are operating in a hyper-connected world and the public’s perspective of what is the responsibility of these corporations has changed.

Consumers want, and expect, businesses to assist in the well-being, and quality of life, for the general public.

Employees want to believe they’re working in a business that’s led by ethically sound management, and that they’re contributing to a better future.

Crafting the right story to communicate is more important today than it was in the past. People want transparency, which is key in times of rapid change.

We know there are frequently asked questions by our clients, such as:
  • How do you create a brand identity and business story that is authentic and relatable?
  • Can you boost employee engagement to the extent that they become brand ambassadors for your company?
  • Is it possible to ensure both groups (employees and consumer) get your message in an authentic manner, that’s meaningful and told at the right place, at the correct time?

iWIll specialises in answering the above questions. We excel in creating messaging that characterises courage rather than conformity. This is done by combining empathy and data-based insights into a simple story that even an entry level reader can comprehend.

If you’re ready to sit down for a longer discussion, we’re always ready to start chatting.