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Our story

IWill was created by a team of men and women who have either personally experienced gender disparity in the workplace, or watched close family/friends go through it.

We recognise the signs and that few do it deliberately. We know how lonely it can be, how much self-doubt it can create. We also acknowledge that hashtags, posters on corridor walls, conferences with great speakers and Ivory tower speeches are not enough if we do not action them.

And we can prove that: it can be fixed.

We walk the talk on addressing this challenge that impacts everyone in one way or another. Using learnings from our experiences, research and conversations with men and women around the world, we have over the years, carefully crafted a step-by-step, holistic “Talkway” with measurable outputs. We’ve made it as fun and engaging as possible too – no boring stuff here! And the best part is that if you stick with the programme, you will see the individual results as well as commercial business gains.

Read on to get more detail. For comprehensive organisational solutions, contact us directly at [email protected].

What we do

At iWill, we elevate corporations by creating a high performance culture. We reduce the inequality gap between men and women and allow them to focus on creating outstanding value for the business.

How we do this

The iWill eco-system is designed for both men and women by empowering both genders to synergistically grow career ambitions through an open and learning-oriented environment, and their willingness to perform in harmony and trust.

Why we do this

To impact both profit and employee satisfaction. These actions will ultimately create a driven organization with a culture that will be recognized as an example of a great place to work, and as a best in class example for corporations globally.

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Gender-Disparity concerns? Your One-stop solution starts here.

A holistic, insight-based solution that delivers measurable and visible results. Accessible 24/7 through online and offline options; sustained and measurable progress; customised to your workplace

The team, partners and associates.

Anjum Sadaqat

IT & Data Analytics

Vidya Rayappa

Research & Insights Partner

Kim A. Page

Communication Expert

Chris Jarvis

Unconscious Bias Expert

Naheed Chowdhry

Founder & CEO - iWill Consulting

Muhammad Fahad

Online Strategy and Development

Talat Khan

Chief Content Manager

Naheed Chowdhry

Naheed is a seasoned marketing and commercial leader who has led teams across the world with global blue-chip organisations and delivered results in unexpectedly challenging situations. Her extensive experience across markets has helped her develop an ability to “join the dots” and tell a powerful business story through a mix of insight-based and analytics-driven tools. This engages stakeholders and helps them identify “Aha!” moments to deliver results where many have already given up. In turn, the approach further builds an agile, forward-facing, ROI-driven organizational culture.

Naheed is passionate about bringing this knowledge to tackling workplace gender-disparity with a multi-pronged approach that provides individual and business advantages. In her early career years, concerned by the rate of attrition of women at a mid-senior level, she proposed setting up a daycare centre onsite-and was met with questions of whether she was pregnant. Never one to take no for an answer, Naheed convinced the Board by defining the commercial value of the initiative, thus going on to co-establish the first daycare centre at one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world. Over the years, she faced and overcame many challenges that she now realises were driven by an unconscious gender bias than by lack of competency; however, she knows how lonely a journey it can be and how much this impacts lives of loved ones outside of the workplace.

Naheed’s foresight on this issue is further rooted in her global background, her history of supporting organisations and mentoring leaders and her personal experiences as well as those of her team. Naheed is a member of the UN Women Leaders Taskforce, a Queen’s Young Leaders’ Programme Mentor and a best-selling published author

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