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A hands-on management consultancy, we help purpose-led brands and businesses grow sustainably and shift mindsets.

Hand (& head) on heart.

Design knowledge-based, ROI- driven, Business- & Market-entry Strategy.

Leverage Boots & Brains on the ground. (No Fancy Suits).

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Build Inclusive Growth solutions that work.

Walk the Talk.

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Craft the Right Story - and tell it Right.

Combine Data and Empathy
to shift mindsets.

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Naheed: An Intro

Naheed Chowdhry is a solution-oriented, multi-award-winning executive recognised for her experience in reversing negative market share trends and collaborating when tasked to map out new growth opportunities in many specialised industries.

Chowdhry has worked at companies such as Unilever, Mondelez, Groupe Bel and The Hershey Company across Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Africa, Europe, and the USA.

In 2016, Chowdhry founded iWill Global Consulting. iWill promises to deliver clients a truly unique service that combines corporate experience and expertise that will help clients “tell the right story correctly”.

These services include, business strategy, training, coaching, and workplace culture programmes.

Currently, the consultancy has served companies like, Bausch & Lomb, Bacardi, and the Richemont Group. While also assisting smaller SMEs and government institutions.

Chowdhry speaks four languages and is a bestselling author, a UN Task Force member for Youth and Gender Equality, an Adler accredited coach, a mentor for entrepreneurs, keynote speaker, and an improv player.

If Chowdhry isn’t with her clients, she is with her family of global nomads, who teach her about the Gen Z market on a daily basis.

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Case Studies

We believe that when you tell the right story at the correct time, the results speak for themselves.

iWill’s case studies are the comprehensive proof that this strategy works.