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Haseeb Chowdhry is the Founder and Principal of Trivium Financial Advisory Services. He brings extensive experience in investment banking, strategy/corporate development for public/private entities and early-stage companies (both founder led and venture-backed) and understands the importance of identifying growth areas and optimizing for efficiency.

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Vidya Rayappa is a cofounder of 4Sight Global Research & Analytics, one of the fastest growing market research agencies in the region. Vidya personally brings 20+ years of experience in the Middle East including 5 years based out of Saudi Arabia. Vidya has worked across sectors including FMCG, Banking, Real Estate, Automotive, Technology and govt/semi-govt, on studies covering cultural and consumer understanding, customer experience and brand equity amongst others...

Learn more about Vidya at https://4sightglobal.com/our-team/

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Chris Jarvis is the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Realized Worth, a global agency focused on the design and implementation of employee-led volunteering and giving programs. He is also the Executive Director of the RW Institute which acts as a think tank of influencers working together to shape the future of corporate citizenship. Chris has worked extensively with private and govt clients around the world.

Learn more about Chris and his work at https://www.realizedworth.com/

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Dr Mona Hamade is an expert on Gender studies and Women Leadership. She completed her multidisciplinary gender studies at the University of Cambridge, attaining her doctorate in 2015 and has worked extensively on gender, political, education and economic behaviour policies, with a particularly comprehensive understanding of policy drivers in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. She has several publications on critical topics, such as the Career Women in the Gulf and Gender and Employment in MENA. Dr Hamade’s affiliation with this project/iWill Global Consulting is in a personal and advisory role, with no affiliations with any other organisations that she works with.

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Jean Candiotte is a multi-award winning Creative Leader with a track record of developing attention-grabbing, brand-defining campaigns, and broadcast and digital content. Jean has written, produced, and directed segments for world-renown networks such as Comedy Central, and has worked closely with A-level talent including Oprah Winfrey and Carrie Fisher. Originally from New York, Jean’s career spans North America, Europe, Far East Asia, and the Middle East Africa regions. A two time Emmy-award nominee, Jean is known as the “Story Wrangler." In her words -- content becomes memorable when it tells a story. Her use of strategy and insights creates breakthrough stories and effective solutions for entertainment brands, businesses, government, and non-profit organizations.

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Ahmed is a global veteran at growing companies to success and course correcting giant organisations to bring them back to a growth path. He is an expert in Sales, Strategy and indepth cultural understanding with an uncanny ability to leverage insights and convert them into revenue-generating initiatives. Ahmed has worked in CEO, GM and Board Member roles with companies like Kraft Foods, The Hershey Company and Kelloggs, in a career that spans North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. His most recent success story has been to lead a team that produced the Middle East’s first unicorn – a B2B retail platform that shows no sign of slowing down.

Learn more about Ahmed at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ahmed-albakary-061068b/