Providing actionable steps for women to facilitate empowering conversations.

iWill has been advising the iSAW organisation leadership from its setup and foundation stage. iSAW is a global organisation focused on women helping women, with a leadership team of ex-BP and ARAMCO employees. iWill partnered iSAW on the development of a feasible roadmap, with input into financial plan options, organisational structure possibilities and the Marketing strategy and rollout plan.

iWill also provided iSAW with the idea of a real differentiator: a globally consistent benchmarking system for women in the workplace, providing clarity of a step-bystep journey map and developing the foundations for this major innovation. iSAW is now in beta testing phase for launch with all iWill recommendations built in.

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iWill’s innovative ability to ask insightful questions, challenge the status quo and join the dots showcasing the differences between perception vs reality in the workplace. Their approach of data+empathy is unique and a door-breaker. iWill helped iSAW create a truly ‘Glocal’ corporate brand framework that is relevant and adds credibility with our audience in any market.

Nancy Speidel - iSAW Executive Director