Accessing Slowdowns and Converting Them to Profits

Streamline is one of the largest integrated marketing solutions companies in the Middle East. With offices and teams in Dubai and Jeddah, it was established more than a decade ago with the philosophy of providing turnkey solutions for its clients.

iWill worked with Streamline to assess its growth slowdown, speaking with clients and employees to identify the real reason. iWill proposed a new organisational structure, recommended a new highly diverse leadership team, and advised Streamline to enhance and integrate its digital marketing arsenal as a part of its conventional CX solution. This unique mix of proven conventional techniques with cutting edge tools and a passionate, racially and culturally diverse team has helped Streamline ride the wave and navigate the Covid19 pandemic to its advantage.

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Naheed has helped me transform my company Streamline's outlook by setting the right vision and directing the Streamline Team to perform to their full capacity.

She is the epitome of professionalism and has aided in fine tuning the Streamline Business Strategy.

She has shown me how to promote myself, and Streamline, in a way that best describes my experience in the industry and portrays my knowledge in the work done by Streamline.

Atif Sethi – CEO, Streamline Integrated